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Here is a page for VSO and CUSO volunteers who served in Nigeria and are members of FON.

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VSO description might include something like "Voluntary Service Overseas was founded by the late Alec and Mora Dickson with backing from Inter Church Aid (now Christian Aid) and the late Bishop of Portsmouth, who sent a letter to the Sunday Times to support his vision.

On May 15 1958 the first VSO volunteers (eight 18-year-old men) left the UK to give a year's voluntary service in developing countries - Ghana, Nigeria, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) and Sarawak. Some of the first volunteers are still in touch with VSO, which still has thriving programmes in Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia. Since then over 30,000 volunteers have served in over 70 countries." from the VSO web site.

VSO pages

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CUSO description might include something like "Canada’s involvement began at the University of Toronto in 1960, with the formation of Canadian Overseas Volunteers (COV). The new volunteer movement spread quickly to other Canadian universities.

"It soon became clear a national body was needed to coordinate the program. On June 6, 1961, CUSO was established at a meeting of the National Conference of Canadian Universities and Colleges at McGill University in Montreal. First called Canadian University Service Overseas, it started as a non-profit organization for sending young Canadians to serve overseas." from the CUSO web site.

CUSO pages

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Buying Eggs at the Doorstep

Christmas 1969

Christmas 1970

City Hospital Kano

Cooperant notes

Culture notes

Culture Shock

Death of a child

Getting supplies

Happy Honda Riding

Housing at last

Houseboy and Hausa housing

Kano Small Sallah

Madman tales

Motor troubles

Moved South

Needed a steward

Obi arrives


Onitsha area

Paying back

Rebirth of a Hospital


This and that

Train to Enugu

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