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Image:FON logo.png Image:VSO logo.png

Small Grants Program:
A Partnership Between Friends of Nigeria (FON)
and Volunteer Service Organization (VSO)

Small Grants Program
The unrestricted charitable contributions by Friends of Nigeria (FON) members enabled the FON board to fund relatively small but concrete requests from VSO volunteers in Nigeria. VSO volunteers were encouraged to make requests for grants they felt would make a significant contribution to a program in their their own work spheres.

Small Grants Program Committee
A volunteer committee, consisting of chairman Andy Philpot and committee members Mike Goodkind, Greg Zell and Jim Clark, in March adopted a grant application and evaluation process to identify projects that
1. met clearly defined objectives and outcomes
2. provided proper oversight and supervision, and
3. offered assurance that the project would be self-sustaining after grant funds were spent

Ummah Support Initiative
Project Leaders: Glynis Manger (VSO, UK) Kasia Fiderkiewicz (VSO, UK)
Project Location: Gasiki/Cheta Community in Nasarawa State.
Project Goal: Repair schoolrooms at Cheta Primary School
Amount of Grant: $2,812
Date awarded: 2012

Cheta Primary School
Image:Cheta end destroyed.png Image:Cheta students.png Image:Bare Schoolyard.png

Kiboli Fish Farm
Project Leader: Simon Kirumira (VSO, Uganda)
Project Goal: restore fish farming to Kiboli community in South Kaduna State.
Amount Awarded: $1,915
Date: 2012

Kiboli Fish Farm
Image:Fertilizing.png Image:With Tanks.png
Image:Digging Pond.png Image:Selling Fish.png

Tuttung COCIN Community Infirmary
Project Leader: Phillemon Tubei (VSO, Kenya)
Project Goal: refurbish a run-down private health clinic and return it to community ownership.
Amount Awarded: $3,000
Project Location: Dengi, Jos, Plateau State
Date: 2012

Tuttung Community Infirmary Prior to Renovation
Image:Entrance.png Image:Ceiling.png
Image:Dispensing Desk.png Image:Cabinet.png

Completed Tuttung Infirmary Project
Over 10,500 people living in the 12 area villages will have access to health care in the new infirmary.
Image:Infirmary front view.png Image:Infirmary interior.png Image:Infirmary side view.png

Panyam Forest Restoration Project
Project Leader: Silvester Odundo (VSO, Kenya)
Project Location: Panyam in Plateau State.
Project Goals: Encourage environmental awareness and restore depleted hardwoods.
Amount Awarded: $1,173
Date: 2012
Panyam Reforestation Project Outcomes
• 3 environmental clubs (50 students/club) formed in 3 public and private schools
• 9 lessons on environmental education conducted in schools.
• lectures on environmental management CCDP staff
• Disaster management and climate change presentations made to Cocin Bungwa and Gangshir (300 participants).
• Weekly lectures and practicals made to 20 attachee’ students on climate change and tree nursery management
• 5,890 tree seedlings at the nursery.
• 40 Cocin coordinators sensitized on sustainable environmental management.
• CCDP Budget allocation to support natural resource management program

Panyam Forest Restoration Project
Silvester Odundo at a recently-established tree nursery.
Image:Silvester at Nursery.png

Livelihood Package for Women Farmers in Chikun
Project Goal: This is an 18-month project to support the rural women farmers economically and financially through farming inputs to improve agricultural practices, income generation schemes and overall standard of living.
Project Leader: Al Razon (VSO) Phillipines
Project Location: Jacaranda, Kaduna State
Amount Awarded: $,1,971

Hope for the Village Child
Image:Seratu Phillibus.png Seratu Phillibus.
Image:Lady with Oxen.pngLady attending oxen purchased with project funds.

Project Agape: Rice Distribution to Villages affected by Ethnic Violence
Amount Awarded: $1,933
Project Leader: Peter James Okoyo
Image:Peter Okoyo.png
Project Location: Lafia-east development area of Nasarawa State
Project Goal: This project would enable the fifty worst hit victims of recent ethnic violence access to disease resistant, fast maturing, and high yielding rice seed variety for planting

Improving Maize Yield in Jos, Plateau State
Project Leader: Lukas Partzsch (VSO, Germany)
Project Goal: introduce modern farming systems using improved maize seeds (Genetically Modified seeds - GMO) which are high yielding, pests and disease resistant etc.
Project Location: Jos, Plateau State
Amount Awarded: $1,500
Project Date: May, 2013

Photos of maize affected by dry conditions.
Image:Dry maize.png Image:Parched maize.png

National Youth Service Corps Tree Nursery Project
Project Goal: to provide trees around schools that have no shade but also business startup possibilities.
Project Leader: Stephen Kyalibulha
Project Location: Lafia, Nasarawa State
Amount Awarded: $1,622
Image:School with no trees.png Image:Future nursery.png

National Enviromental Study Team Palm Oil Processing
Project Leader: Lily Mwaniki (VSO, Kenya)
Project Location: Ikpem, Imo State
Project Goals: Effecient Oil Palm processing and candle making from a wax byproduct.
Amount Awarded: $1,931

Recent Photos
Image:Palm Nut Crusher.png

Candle Making Lesson
Image:Candle Lesson.png

Project Leader: Apio Betty (VSO,Kenya) Image:Apio Betty.png
Project Location: Bida, Niger State
Project Goals: Control Striga weed and stem borers
Amount Awarded: $2,010

Rabbit Farming: Agriculture for Sustainable Development
Project Leader: Brian Kuhuni (VSO, Zimbabwe)
Project Location: Lafia, Nasarawa State
Project Goals: Train local farmers develop rabbit farms.
Amount Awarded: $2,080
Rabbit Hutch
Image:Rabbit Hutch.png

A Changing Room for Girls
Project Leader: Moses Nwatu (VSO, Uganda) Image:Moses Nwatu.png
Project Location: Girls Secondary School, Ubbe Project
Goal: Create a private changing room for female students.
Amount Awarded: $2,060

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