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Here is a table of templates. Without going into edit mode on this page, copy the text in the "Insert" column into a page.

Template examples

Copy & Paste Comment Looks like
{{Help}} Box
{{Stories}} Box
{{Infobox Group}} blank Infobox
[[Image:{{{image}}}|100px| ]]
Group description: {{{Group description}}}
Service years: {{{Service years}}}
Number of volunteers : {{{Number of volunteers}}}
Trained at : {{{Trained at}}}
{{Infobox Group XVI}} Example
Nigeria group XVI

Group description: Ag/RD
Service years: 1965-67
Number of volunteers : 60
Trained at : MSU & St. Croix
Arrived before 1st coup, left before Eastern Region evacuation .
{{Edit Help}} request

{{Format help}} request

{{Stub}} Please add

{{Stub_section}} Please add

{{FON Cite}} testing This story can be found in the FON newsletter. Year {{{Year}}} Vol {{{Volume}}}, Issue {{{Issue}}}. A electronic copy of this story can be found at [friendsofnigeria.org]. {{{Author}}} was a member of {{{Group}}} ({{{Service Year}}}). {{{Notes}}}-
{{FON Newsletter}} testing
Friends of Nigeria Newsletter
The friend of nigeria newsletter, Year: YYYY, Volume: 9999, Issue: Season
Author: Authors and things
Group: {Template:Group
Name of article : My great story
Page : number
Very short note, optional
{{Infobox footer}} testing
{{{Information intro}}}, Year: {{{Year}}}, Volume: {{{Volume}}}, Issue: {{{Issue}}}
Author: {{{Authors}}}
Group: {Template:Group
Name of article : {{{Article name}}}
Page : {{{Page}}}
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