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Hi Greg and others

Quick lesson. You put an html link to the file. That worked. Essentially you probably copied the browser address of the picture just after you uploaded it., Then added a space to put the hyperlink text "Red Smith Article, 1963". blocked everything you did and applied the Globe icon (external link). Here is what you saw in edit mode : [ Red Smith Article, 1963].

I did three things. First I copied just the file name and pasted it back in. So I had RED_SMITH.jpg. Then I blocked it and applied the picture icon (embedded image). In edit mode it looked like: [[Image:RED_SMITH.jpg]] . Then I hit the preview button. Wow, that image filled up the page, with a lot of white. I think it was 2600 pixtels wide.

The Second thing I did was to crop that picture and upload. Yesterday, I downloaded the attachment, was happy about the quality of the scan and was laughing at it's content. I use one of Microsofts standard programs "Picture manager" and cropped the image to just the clip. That image was around 1100 pixs wide and did not lose it's original quality I saved the file as RED_SMITH2.jpg. I uploaded it. I went back to NigeriaVI page and added a 2 so I had [[Image:RED_SMITH2.jpg]]

The Third thing was to make it "pretty". 1100 pixs still filled up the screen and I thought it was distracting. So I shrunk the display image to 250 pix wide. I also added an image caption and a direction to click.

  • [[Image:RED_SMITH2.jpg|thumb]] notice the |thumb, which sets the width
  • [[Image:RED_SMITH2.jpg|thumb|250px|center]] notice the |250px and |center, which sets the width and centered it on the page
  • [[Image:RED_SMITH2.jpg|thumb|250px|center|Red Smith Article, 1963 - Click to make it larger]] notice the |Red Smith Article, that provides the caption at the bottom.

I definitely played around with the width many time by using the preview, and still went back in edit mode :)--Chris Collman 06:18, 17 September 2008 (CDT)

Comparing pretty pictures

Here are the two images side by side. I put one left and the other center. See what is going on? I played around and determined I liked 250px wide

The original image 250px wide
The original image 250px wide
The cropped image 250px wide
The cropped image 250px wide
 --Chris Collman 06:16, 17 September 2008 (CDT)
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