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This is just a list of anecdotes, stories or just about anything. It is not fancy but it is a place to start.

Because it seemed like a good idea initially, we thought it would be nice to see anecdotes and stories listed by the group the author belonged. However, this takes some more clicking and who has the time for that.

Is this confusing? Well we are still trying to figure out how to organize this, so don't worry about the "the system".

If you haven't read the help pages, here is the short version. Over view: To create a new page, you first create a link to a page that doesn't exist. Steps 1)click on the edit tab. Someplace down below, put a double set of square brackets on either side of your page name. At the bottom of the page put a summary and then click on Save. Now find your page name, it will be in red and click on it. You will enter the blank page in edit mode. Start adding content.

List starts here

Why an Ibeji Doll

Story1 by Chris c (16)

Rice Demonstration Project by Chris c (16)

Story3 by Chris c (16)

Story4 by Chris c (16)

Story5 by Chris c (16)

Story6 by Chris c (16)

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