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For a list of stories click on this Group Story Index link If you need some editing help on how to create a story or formatting, see below "Preparing a Story Page". Or click on this help link.

Notes to Contributors

Please jump right in and create a page or two or four.

Preparing a Story Page

Here is how to prepare a page with your story and have it appear in the indexes.

Find the Group Stories page for your particular group. Start with Groups and click on Stories & Anecdotes next to your group.
or Staff Story Index or VSO and CUSO Story Index find your group,

  1. Select the Edit tab
  2. Add the title of your story, enclosed in double square brackets, like [[your story title]].
  3. Save the edited Group story page.
  4. Click on your title, which will be in red. This will create the page.
  5. Type or paste in your story. Sign your name to the story. A date might also be helpful for the reader.
  6. At the bottom of your story, enter the following: [[Category:Stories]]. This puts it in the Stories index
  7. You may also enter a region category, such as [[Category:Eastern Region]]. This puts it in the Eastern Region index

Story Template

I strongly suggest that you prepare your story in another editor (word processor) and then paste it into your story page, adding the Category tags.

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There are several citation methods that we can use. We need to figure out if we need to create a template for them or if the signature timestamp will work for us.

    • I will have to devise a simple citation method. Perhaps one for FON. A template that show issue etc and author.

{{FON Cite |Volume=Volume 1|Issue=Winter|Year=2000|Author=Unknown|Group=Nigeria 4|Service Year=1910|Notes=This would be the place to put a short note|End=end}}}

Will give:

This story can be found in the FON newsletter. Year 2000 Vol Volume 1, Issue Winter. A electronic copy of this story can be found at []. Unknown was a member of Nigeria 4 (1910). This would be the place to put a short note-

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