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East (Enugu)

  • 1961-62 Donald Grummon
  • 1962-63 Jacques E. Wilmore
  • 1963-65 Warren Zeigler
  • 1965-66 John McConnell – (Aug 1965 - May 66)
  • 1966-67 Ruth L. Olson

  • 1965-67 Kenneth D. Meals – associate director
  • 1965-67 Richard K. Mastain – educational consultant
  • 1966-67 S. Carroll Buchanan – associate director
  • 1966-67 Judith A (Gates) Van Klaveren – nurse
  • 1966-67 Chuck Cohen – (Aba)

From Bill Schroeder. I believe the dates above for John McConnell aren't quite right. I would appreciate comment. The debrief for Nigeria XIII was in August(?) 1966. I believe John McConnell was convenor. Was it at Nsukka?? I don't have a memory of a female staff member in Nigeria when we left -- bearing in mind the independence of Biafra was in full swing, the pogroms had begun, etc. But I think I would have remembered a change in staff. ...just to hang a question mark and invite other comments. Bill

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