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Friends of Nigeria
2014-2015 Activities

“Normal” Activities

Monitoring 2014 Project Reports
Follow-up on Nashville Meeting
Letter protesting Homosexuality Law
Professor Ochonu – Abdullahi dialogue via FON Google Group and on Website
NPCA Ebola Relief Fund
AUN Refugee Relief Contribution
Membership appeals for project funding
Membership appeals for electronic newsletter

Biennial Meeting Prep
Nominating Committee

2 Directors stepping down: Lucinda Boyd & John Romano
2 New directors nominated: Jim Ekstrom & Blue Wooldridge

Berkeley Organizing Committee
Website Redesign Committee

Reserved $6K for VSO Projects
Appealed for VSO Projects
Polled Fanstuam for potential projects
Funded Fantsuam’s thin client proposal
Funded 3 VSO Projects

All enabled by your contributions. Thank you.

Heller School Emergency Fund
Each year, Heller committee meets with Nigerian Students to get to know them
Never had an application for help
This year one student faced loss of graduation because his source of tuition dried up
Total tuition due far more than our fund ($2500)
We offered $1,000
Student put that together with at least 2 other sources, and graduated successfully
Loan, not a grant

Committee is Barbara Bush, Murray Frank, and myself. We have lunch with the Nigerian students, and we are older than their parents.

Active Board
15 Board members make for some long email chains
Most topics result in somebody asking a question or making a suggestion
The letter re the Homosexuality Law generated the most discussion. Thanks to all who suggested revisions
Queries of VSO or Fantsuam projects lead to extended dialogues
Most activity via email. Only one conference call.


Warren as assistant Treasurer is learning ropes in case PJH were to slide under a bus
Nobody is willing to be Vice President if it entails becoming President any time soon

Specific Roles

The newsletter needs a formatting person to take over from Owen
For new website we will need volunteers to moderate discussions, put up new content, help interactive users solve problems

Long term viability

Nobody from the 90’s has yet chosen to become active

We have an active board, with just about everybody having a specific role. If you would be willing to take on a role, please contact anybody on the board, and they will find a place for you to plug in.

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