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Needed -- a steward by Andy Buhler, CUSO, 69-71

Yesterday when I got back I met an answer to my mock-advertisement for a steward. I had sent a copy of the ad for humour’s sake to Ian to put in Niger News. Jack, the Enugu coordinator, got hold of it.

Yesterday he sent me a cook-steward from Enugu -- Celestine, one of the refugees sent out of Ghana recently because of the Alien’s Law. He had worked for the Canadian High Commissioner there and was well recommended -- however, I have had a small-boy for a month. I had to feed him, give him £N1, and send him back with regrets. He would have been good. Not every day one gets a High Commissioner’s cook.

September 28, 1970

St. Mary’s Hospital



One cook/steward required to begin duties on, or before, Oct. 15, 1970.

Duties include:

1. Preparation of several meals a day at random hours depending upon the weather.

Ability to prepare plantain chips, fu-fu, pepper chop, and groundnut stew an advantage.

2. General housekeeping -- must not be afraid of large spiders, geckos, lizards or sausage flies.

3. Daily laundry -- soap and water provided if available.

4. Marketing -- knowledge of Ibo a distinct advantage; must be able to choose and barter for good yams, plantain, and banana. Must also be able to judge the type and age of meat displayed.

5. Ability to repair Hondas an advantage but not essential.

Note: Housing will be provided -- as long as the current steward vacates the premises.

The quarters will consist of one small room (easy to maintain). As yet there are no bathroom facilities (because of the number of snakes in the tall grass bring high boots or anti-diuretic / anti-peristaltic drugs); there is no running water -- it rains a lot so no real problem; there are no lights -- but if you can’t see the spiders they aren’t as fearful; there is no power -- but then you won’t electrocute yourself when the rains run in through the roof.

Mosquito net provided -- bring needle and thread to repair a few large holes.

Salary range between £N6 to £N9 depending upon experience and honesty.

APPLICANTS should fill out the correct forms in quintuplicate and attach two recent passport-size photos.*

All offers will be considered on the basis of originality.

(*APPLICANTS should not currently be under psychiatric care)

Apply to: R. A. Buhler

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