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  • A page can be added to one or more category by typing [[Category:Category name]], for example [[Category:Teacher]], at the bottom of the page.
  • To ensure that pages in the Development namespace are listed in alphabetical order on a category page, the page name should be include in the category link i.e. [[Category:Developer|New page name]].
  • Categories lists all Moodle Docs categories.
  • To improve the browsing of Moodle Docs by category, please categorize category pages too. This will result in subcategories being created. For example, Category:Capabilities is categorized as "Administrator" and "Roles", and appears as a subcategory in Category:Administrator and Category:Roles.
  • It is not necessary to categorize pages in a subcategory with the same category as the category page. For example, none of the pages in Category:Capabilities need to be categorized as "Administrator" or "Roles".
  • For further information about categories and how they work in MediaWiki, please refer to the Wikipedia:Categorization.


On this wiki we will have limited space, so will only allow the editor to upload pictures. These instructions will be for our more permenant WikiFON.

  • You are encouraged to illustrate documentation with pictures.
  • Pictures be GIF, JPEG or PNG format, with 72ppi resolution, and maximum width 800px.
  • Pictures can be uploaded using the toolbox Upload file link.
  • Please name pictures descriptively to avoid confusion and duplicate names.
  • To include the picture in an article, use a link in the form [[Image:Picture.png|thumb|alt text]].
  • Please do not apply effects such as borders, watermarks or drop shadows to pictures. This will allow others to add or replace pictures over time and still maintain a consistent look and feel to articles.
  • For help on image placement and adding an image caption, please refer to the Wikipedia Picture tutorial.


  • In MediaWiki, a template is a page which can be inserted into another page. For example, the WikiFON help block on this page is a template. Please be respectful when adding a template and if you don't know how to add one but see a need, contact Greg or Chris.
  • A template may be added to a page by typing {{Name}} for Template:Name.
  • All pages (Template namespace) lists all Moodle Docs templates.
  • Please refer to the MediaWiki Template help for further information.
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