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This is a brief introduction to some features we use on a WikiFON page for those who may not be familiar with a wiki. This page initially was pasted from by --Admin 12:12, 4 November 2007 (EST)

Show page picture, circle and label elements see page comments.


Content area

This area should take up most of your screen and is on the right side. Go here for editing help.

  • Internal links - Your browser will show links to other pages in like this, and links that do not work like this.
  • External links - External links look like this: FON homepage.
  • Category links - links to one or more index on a category can be found at the bottom, here is an example Image:Category example.JPG that shows links to the Story index and Group index
  • Page sections - Pages are usually divided by sections and sometimes sub sections
  • Page index - A page index appears when there are more than 3 sections on a page. It can be turned off with the hide link. We have disabled the index on this page.
  • Template lists - Some pages will have a box that appears on the right, with a list of links to related subjects. Usually this box will appear on the new page. There is a template on this page labeled "Help".
  • Help file paths -

Left column area

This is divided into areas: "navigation", "Search", "Toolbox" and some ads (why this site is free to us).

We put Handy links in bold


  • Main Page - takes you back to the Main page of WikiFON
  • Community portal - at moment has information for testers
  • Current events - lists, not very useful to many people
  • Recent changes - lists of changes, not useful to many people
  • Random page - calls a different random page from WikiFON
  • Help - Has links to how to use this WikiFON
  • Donations - the free site host requests donations - not manditory


  • Search - Very handy. Go only shows a specific page, Search reveals every page that contains one or more words of your search.


More links to help navigate, often used by contributors

  • What links here - shows all the pages that link to this one
  • Related changes - shows changes to pages linked to this one
  • Upload file - only Greg or Chris can use this link used for pictures
  • Special pages - a long list of index pages
  • Control Panel - only Greg or Chris can make changes on this page

Page Banner

On the upper right, are links for each user. We encourage you to become a registered user

  • Username - this will take you to your profile page
  • My talk - the page comment tab on your profile page (polite area for others to leave messages
  • Preferences - A place to modifiy how WikiFON looks for you Help:User_settings
  • My watch list - A list of your watched pages have changed in date order
  • My contributions - A list of all your contributions
  • Log in/out -

Page tabs

The tabs on the top are a typical wiki feature.

  • article - shows the page
  • discussion - allows people to comment on the page, without it appearing on the actual page.
  • edit - This opens an html editor (see guide to contributors)
  • history - A list of past changes to the page, with buttons to compare
  • watch or Unwatch - as a registered user,

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