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  • You are welcome to contribute to WikiFON. Find something that can be improved, either in content, grammar or formatting, and fix it!
  • If you've not done so already, please login.
  • Please note that all contributions are released here under GNU General Public License.
  • You are encouraged to illustrate documentation with pictures. Please refer to the Style Guide or Help:Pictures for further information.
  • If you find any page requiring deletion, please type {{Deletion}} at the top of the page.

Creating new pages

  • You are welcome to create pages for additional documentation. Simply type the name of your new page between double brackets [[New page name]] on an existing page and follow the link to start editing the new page. Alternatively, you may type in your browser address bar: (i.e. replace spaces in the new page name with underscores).
  • Please choose a short name and capitalize the first word only (with a few exceptions, such as the word FON).
  • Please follow the style guide, in particular ensuring that new pages are categorised.
  • Page titles may be changed in the future by redirecting/moving pages, as part of the editing process for publication.

Page comments

  • For comments about a particular page, and/or short discussions, please use the corresponding talk page (click on the page discussion tab). Please sign and date your talk page contribution by typing four tildes ~~~~ or using the signature icon.
  • For longer discussions about the documentation, please use the FON listserv].

Thanks to MoodleDocs

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