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Nigeria 1990's


Canadian and British Volunteer Service Overseas

Bio Andy Buhler


  • Peace Corps Background - How the Peace Corps came to be
  • It appears as though Nigeria 28 and 29 are mis-numbered. Nigeria 29 trained Feb-May 1967, while Nigeria 28 began in (June? 1967). A document received from Steve Manning identifies the group we are calling Nigeria 29 as “NIGERIA P.C. GROUP XXIX” and FON decided to follow his lead.
  • A letter from John McConnell (country director, 1965-68) stated (07-Mar-03): “Could the 2,523 include the two programs training for Nigeria but were diverted to other countries in 1967 when PCVs were evacuated from the Eastern and Midwestern Regions?” Although he refers to “two programs” there seems to be only one unaccounted for training group number.
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