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Nigeria Group XX
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Who We Were Before Training

Nigeria 20 Training Directory PDF file


Nigeria XX was a teaching group to be assigned to Teacher Training Colleges in the Eastern and Midwestern Regions of Nigeria. Our subject areas were: science; math; and arts & crafts. Our training was at UCLA during the winter of 1966. We were housed at Campus Towers apartment complex and took our meals at Hershey Hall. We did our practice teaching in Watts.


We served at Teacher Training Colleges in the Eastern and Midwestern Regions. A number of our schools were closed after the first year and those volunteers were reposted.

Service Started

We arrived in April 1966

Service Events

The Biafra secessionist movement began during the spring of 1967 and volunteerrs in the East were evacuated by July; volunteers in the Midwest a short time later. We were given the choice of going to another country for an additional year or terminating early.

Service Ended

Our service ended during the summer of 1967

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