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Kenneth Johnson - my service


Add some explanation of what it going on in the above photo.


A list of who is who in this photo would be good.

Termination photo

Image:Group XXV Termination.JPG

The very top color photo: Camp Elliott, east of La Jolla, California - Watering drought resistant plants. (L-R): Duke Deller (shirt), Bob MacGregor and Lucien Maurer. Eucalyptus trees and water tank are in the background. Duke was stationed at Ibadan as a veterinarian, Bob was stationed at Yola and Lucien was stationed at Shika Research Station as an agricultural engineer.

Termination Photo at Hamdala Hotel, Kaduna -- Top Group Photo -- Group picture during a Kaduna Conference in August 1968 by Robert Zimmerman -- (taken from Mike Malaghan's 2005 Calendar) -- First Row (left to right): Ron Daniels, Paul Willis, Bob McDonald, John McComas, Martin Hanratty, James Porter, Jeff Gerlach, Calvert McCann, Van Robertson. Second Row: Peter Blank III, Peter Johnson, Jerry Huffman, Robert Zimmerman, Ray Carpenter, Bob MacGregor, James Sheridan, Walter Jones, PC Director Caldwell and staff. Part 1 of Part 2 -

Termination Photo - Bottom -- Robert Zimmerman Photo - First row (left to right): staff, Royce Field, Jack Lyons, James Williams, Steve Hilterbrant, Mike Hicks, Clemmie Gilpin. Out front: Eddie Chism. Second Row: Peter Stolzman, PC Director Caldwell, Pete Anderson, Roland Long, Larry Turquotte, Todd Hanson, Duke Deller, staff, Adolphus Brookins Jr. Third Row: Steven McKee, Ken Johnson, Mike Malaghan, Craig Dible, Lucien Maurer. Part 2 of Part 2 -

- - - - - - -

List of our volunteers that weren't in our Termination Photographs in August 1968: Robert Berk, Dick Duhamel, James Farley, Millard Hayes, Jr., Don Heider, Hersh Mandelman, Tom Martin, Vincent Mayer, Allan Mundt, Stephen Rusnok, Ronald Sharpless, Irving Soloway, Abdullahi Edward Tomasiewicz, Paul Violi and Bill Wilkie.

List of our PCV trainees that didn't go to Nigeria with our group - David Avison, Robert Bradley, John Choppa, Robert Ferris, Martin Hoffman, Robert Peterson, Raymond Puleo, Michael Turner, Alan Wingerter and Robert Wolfe.

Originally, we had 61 trainees at UC at San Diego, La Jolla, California in Fall 1966.

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