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Nigeria XVI has some great stories.

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Training Stories

  • Who was it who told me "Chris this is the first time I have seen pig not encased in plastic."
  • Did anybody else get a box of cookie crumbs in Nigeria from the charming ladies in the language labs?
  • Who remembers a "fat back test"?
  • In the first week, I put my arm around my Igbo instructor and proudly announced that "He is my friend", in front of other Igbo instructors outside the dining hall. See Story3 to find out why the instructors laughed so hard, tears came to their eyes.
  • Remember the Peace Corp Doctor who told a story about his driver. Fearless in the day, but an absolute coward at night? The punch line was something like: "Those lorry drivers hang logs on the side and have fun trying to hit cars. I know because I used to do it."

Party Stories

Face it, Nigeria XVI organized some great parties for the Nigerian Peace Corp Volunteer Nation. There was the Umuahia Agricultural College festival. Featuring music, a roasted cow, a 55 gallon drum of fruit and white lightning, just for starters. Where the breathern from all other regions quietly drifted away from the far corners of Nigeria to attend, dragging their more timid acquaintances along for the ride.

Just in the East, there was a least one small gathering in Calabar, an overnight on an Opobo Beach and then there was Port Harcourt, perhaps our regional debriefing?

Most of us Ag/Rds had transportation. We traveled around and visited our wheel less teacher volunteers in our area. This opened up all kinds of local opportunities for different food and festivals.

How I got My nickname - Udoh Ukot --Rcollman 10:36, 5 November 2007 (EST)

Work Stories

  • Rice Demonstration Project My most troublesome project Ekoi-Mbiabong, who would have thought 5 years later?--Rcollman 00:06, 5 November 2007 (EST)
  • Mini Mokes, pizza boxes with 4 wheels. The previous Ag group (Nigeria XII ?) had Honda Motorcycles. Our group in the East, at least, had green Mini Mokes. There was always a debate of whose was fastest. Some of us received Land Rovers after about a year.
  • Lost in the Aba market, I understood the dialects but not the climate. A few stories about being vigilant. --Rcollman 00:06, 5 November 2007 (EST)
  • A speech, a hundred men, and a rope: How to build a palm log bridge.
  • Lessons never taught in training. How to use a translator.

Post Service Stories

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