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Nigeria Group XVIII
Group description: Teachers
Service years: 1965 - 1967
Number of volunteers : number
Trained at : UCLA
Science & Language teachers in Eastern Region

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Our group was great.



University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) August-December 1965.

Here is the training directory, courtesy of Dave Cohen (since deceased): Nigeria 18 Training Directory


We served mostly as science and language teachers in high schools in the Eastern Region of Nigeria.

Service Started

Arrived Lagos Airport January 7, 1966.

Service Events

What was going on.

Service Ended

Our service ended when Group XVIII was evacuated from Port Harcourt in an Italian cargo ship M.V. Isonzo in late July 1967 at the order of the military government of the Republic of Biafra (the secessionist former Eastern Region of Nigeria). Biafra was recognized by 5 small countries but never by any major power.

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