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Nigeria Group VII
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Our group was great.



Courtesy of Michael Keffer: Nigeria 7 Training Directory PDF file Training was at Columbia University Teachers' College, in New York City. The period must have been three months June through August of 1963. We lived in the Barnard College dormitories on the Upper West Side.

This gave Peace Corps trainees opportunity to see the sights of NYC, if they so choose. [Some of us nerds never left campus.] We were preliminarily assigned to regions, so I, for instance, studied a little Igbo. Others learned Hausa, others Yoruba. For me it was enough to greet people. That alone was a big help.

The start of training was filled with numerous written surveys - the academics had caught on to the captive audience by then. (We continued to receive surveys in Nigeria for a few months - until leadership put a stop to it.)

As I recall we had three days of practice teaching in a pubic school - near the end of the three month period.


We served in Nigeria from 1963 to 1965.

Service Started

We arrived in Lagos after a flight from New York that stopped in Accra, where we were greeted by a hot wet blanket of humid air. The airplane came to a stop in Lagos airport only a few feet from the end of the runway.

Service Events

What was going on.

Service Ended

Our service ended

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