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Training Stories

Party Stories

Work Stories

Determined to do a Wild Unlikely Thing by Natoma (Nash) Noble in FON newsletter

Post service stories

World is Deep

The World is Deep is taken from the piece David Koren submitted for the "Half a Yellow Sun" contest. It is an exercise in using the wiki for Greg Jones. Thanks without asking to David for his great contribution. David, you can recast this however you want. Because the original document is so long, Greg has broken it down into several pieces. (See page discussion tab)

  1. WID The World is Deep
  2. WID Biafran Airlift
  3. WID Reporting of the Biafran Airlift
  4. WID Biafran Airlift People
  5. WID A Day in Biafra
  6. WID Planes of the Biafran Airlift
  7. WID Biafran Children
  8. WID Nigerian Spy
  9. WID Biafra Itself

Father McGlade Letters

I (David Koren) received a number of comments from RPCVs who worked with the Holy Ghost Fathers, especially Fr. McGlade, in Biafra. Dorothy Herzberg (Me, Madam) had communicated with him after the war, and she sent me copies of some very interesting letters, which she hoped to share with others. What follows are letters transcribed from the the handwritten notes.
Father McGlade letters

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