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This is an overview of this wikiFON. Clicking on links will take you to a page. Click here for HELP! We are still adding pictures and images. on 1/14/08.


Contributions by FON members


Lists of groups

  • Image:Group.gifGroups List of groups with links to descriptions and facts about each group
    • Image:Note icon.gifIndividual group pages, basic facts, description of training, typical assignments, group in country events, RPCV activities etc. Link to stories by group.
    • Individual bios (autobiographical and/or biographical) linked off group page.

List of staff

FON Meetings

Berkeley, California, June 4-6, 2015

FON Meeting Agenda
Nominating Committee Report (See President's Report)
Treasurer's Report on FON Finances
President's Report
VSO Projects Report
African Community Health Initiative Report
Fantsuam Foundation Report
An Accidental Volunteer by Steve Clapp
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Harold Crawford
Nigeria Then and Now by Lynne Hansen
Website Redesign Report
Maiduguri – you can’t go back now, but we did in 2008. Thank you Mike Malaghan! by Greg Jones
Becoming Me by Karen Keefer
Running a Roadblock by Catherine Skapura
Memories by Kathleen Whitney
Dr Michael Watts Presentation
Abdullahi Edward Presentation
Dr Stevina Evuleocha Presentation

Nashville, Tennessee, June 19-21, 2014

Nashville Meeting - Board Presentations
Nashville Meeting - Alan Frishman 10 Ways Nigeria Changed My Life
Nashville Meeting - Phyllis Noble: Archiving Our Nigeria Memories
Bud Abbott - Sick, Stupid, & Saved Because of a Street Fight
Steve Wasserman - Sanity is Where You Find It
Wednesday Photos
Thursday Photos
General Nashville Photos
Friday Night's Nigerian Dinner
Saturday Photos
Actual Nashville Meeting

Asilomar, Pacific Beach, California, October 17 - 20, 2013

Asilomar Meeting
David Koren Presentation

Washington, September 22 - 25, 2011

The 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Peace Corps
Washington Meeting

Boston, August 14-16, 2009

Boston Meeting
Boston FON Aug 09

San Francisco, August, 2007

San Francisco Meeting

Other information

Current events

FON newsletters

FON projects

Mugshot training books

  • History-Timelines: Brief Nigerian and Nigerian Peace Corp history
  • Contemporary Articles

Drum Magazine, May 1963: Are Kennedy's Peace Corps Spies?


Use the upload file link on the left. Ignore the warning about file size. Chris (or Greg) will be happy to upload pictures (adjusting them if needed), if you send them to them in an email. Chris generally looks at newly uploaded pictures every week or so. He may help position or resize them on the page, so go for it.

  • Photos: Some will be used to illustrate stories
    • Help:Pictures offers some formatting help
    • Index of pictures by group
    • Index of pictures by region/area?
    • Common pictures icons and images
    • Special:Newimages Gallery of pictures by most recent added in Toolbox>Special Pages >Gallery


General help

  • The help page which is an over view of editing a wiki. We have modified this a bit
  • User preferences, watchlists, contributions. You don't absolutely need to go here, but..
  • Guidelines for contributors
  • Some step by step help pages.
    • Adding a page, there is no new page button but it is easy to create a new page

Useful FON links

Links on the pages below will take you out of the wikiFON and to the FON web site

Site Development

  • Navigation aids
  • Templates - special wiki feature. Can be used to create a box of links to related subjects.
    • Template_examples a place to see examples and copy code
    • Template guide for techies
    • Stories page has an example on the right
    • Templates can also be used to present standard information with the use of variables. For example, imagine a FON group is similar to a State, then there would be a block with the State Flag, date entered into the union, size, picture of state, population and other standard information. There would be 1 template for 50 states.
  • Categories - these are links to special pages, the links appear at bottom of the page. The special page creates an alpha list of every page which contains a link to the special page. It is possible to place more than one catagory link on a single page. For example the Story category is here.
  • Footers - areas of a page that can be formatted differently across the FONwiki
  • Roles - permission levels
    • Administrator(s) aka site administrator or super-user, (admin)
    • Contribution editor(s), ability to do a bit more than a contributor,
    • Contributors, must have username and password assigned by admin.
  • Blank and other common images
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