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Fantsuam Foundation
Drainage Project 2014
Thin Clients 2015
FON Grants Provide Leverage
$5,854 grant for drainage + road building in Bayan Loco
Fantsuam Health Clinic noted High incidence of water-borne diseases, especially Typhoid Fever
Infrastructure ignored by Local government
Open Sewers
Image:Bayan Loco sewer rotated.jpg

No Trash Disposal
Image:Waste litter Bloco-1-small.jpg

Bridge Needs Reinforcement
Image:Bridge reinfircemnt.jpg

Image:Bloco road BEFORE.JPG
Image:Bloco Rd BEFORE2.jpg

Image:Grader moves1.jpg
Image:Grader moves in small.jpg

Manual Efforts
Image:Laterite dispersal small.jpg
Image:Bloco Rd After3 small.jpg

After – Not Perfect, but much Better
Image:Road graded small.jpg

Local Government put drainage repair on its list of priority projects
Then Ebola, election intervened
Interim Government also prioritized drainage repair
Bayan Loco Community Development Association also selected drainage repair
Still no action, but all governments have endorsed idea
Anticipate appointment of new chairman, post election

2015 Proposal
Education Ministry decreed that exams for tertiary education be taken on computers
Parents + students concerned lack of computer skills would affect test results
Proposed 15 HP Thin Clients to expand computer literacy
Extensive board discussion – several rounds of questions, Fantsuam answers
$5,000 approved March, 2015
Fantsuam bought 60 used Zinox Thin Clients instead
Used our grant to leverage a donation of 200 refurbished laptops from EU Patel Foundation

Zinox Thin Clients
Image:Thin Clients small.jpg

Low Power units run off Solar Power / Batteries
Originally (2010) 30 low power PCs from Inveneo
By 2015 only 14 still in use
Substantive training – leads to Cisco certification
Affiliated with Regional Cisco Academy at University of Jos
Batteries also need replacement
Test centers need local generators because power unreliable

Fantsuam Vision
Expansive. 60 instead of 15!
EU Patel donation takes program to a new level
Fantsuam may become a test center for 200+ students
Tests take 5 days, 3X per year
Rest of year, classes preparing students for tests
Not merely replacing worn out computers

Fantsuam a Proven FON Relationship
Image:Community meeting small.jpg

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