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FON Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, June 3rd
6PM Meet + Greet at Free House, 2700 Bancroft Way
Distribute Name Tags, share a few beverages

Thursday, June 4th
9AM Gather at Unit 1 Residence Halls All Purpose Meeting Room. Room L40. 2750 Durant Street.
Distribute remaining Name Tags
Report of the Nominating Committee
Election of FON Directors for 2 years
Finance Report, Treasurer
9:30 FON Activities Report, President
VSO Projects Report, Andy Philpot (Jim Clark to deliver)
African Community Health Initiative Report, Queen Obasi
Fantsuam Foundation Project Report, Greg Jones
Discussion regarding supporting specific projects vs general causes (Ebola relief fund, Boko Haram refugee feeding fund, annual AUN Scholarship)
10:15 – 10:30 Break + refresh
10:30 Story #1 Steve Clapp, An Accidental Volunteer
10:45 Story #2 Harold Crawford, Captured by Federals and suspected of being Mercenaries
11:00 Website Redesign Status Report. Discussion of Redesign Objectives, Mike Goodkind
11:30 Story #3 Dick Holmquist, Ann’s trip to Tamanrasset
11:45 Story #4 Lynn Hansen, Memories of Aba and the Mormon Church
12 – 1:30 Lunch
1:30 Story #5 Greg Jones, Maiduguri – you can’t go back now, but we did in 2008. Thank you Mike Malaghan!
1:45 Story #6 Karen Keefer, I left with far more than I came with.
2:00 Dr Michael Watts Headline Speaker [Invite Nigerian Diaspora to attend?]
3:00 – 3:30 Buffer, Break + refresh Organize for Thursday evening reunions. Dinner by Training Group or Geography
3:30 Abdullahi Edward Reflections on living in Nigeria for the past 45 years
4:15 Queen Obasi Perspectives on Nigeria from someone running health clinics in the East
5:00 Dr Stevina Evuleocha Headline Speaker
Dinner On your own in reunion groups

Friday, June 5th
No meeting scheduled for Friday during the day
12 – 1:30 Lunch. Arrange car pools for Nigerian Dinner
3:00 Board Meeting in some common space. Non-attending board members participating by conference call. Non-board members welcome to attend. Election of officers.
5:30 Setup for Nigerian Dinner
6 – 9:30 Nigerian Dinner, UU Church of Berkeley, 1 Lawson Road, Kensington, CA

Saturday, June 6th
9:00 – 10:00 Listed in Program as Slottman L11, but because of our size we probably will return to the All Purpose Meeting Room, L40
9:00 Story #7 Cathy Onyemelukwe, ??
9:15 Story #8 Catherine Skapura, Running a Roadblock
9:30 Story #9 Stephen Vincent, Poems
9:45 Story #10 Kathleen Whitney, ??
10 – 10:15 Break, refresh
10:15 Story #11 Dorothy Herzberg
10:30 Story #12 David Axtell
10:45 – 11:15 Feedback. What did people like, dislike, what would they have liked instead? Is meeting together with Peace Corps Connect beneficial?

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