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Frequently Asked Questions.

It is asking me to login again, grrrr

"You timed out". The great computer in the sky thought you went to sleep and closed the connection from your computer to it. Usually happens when editing a page. GRRRRRR, is right. The cure is to press the Preview button or even better the Save button while editing something on a regular basis.

Tricks to recover from a Time Out

This can be tricky. Use your browser's back button. Usually this will get you back to the edit screen with all your hard work. Copy everything in the edit box (tip: Ctrl+A to highlight all, the Ctrl+C to copy). Paste it into a text file (or your favorite word processor) to be safe. Here is the Now login again and go to the page or section you were editing. The tricky part is replacing the old with the new (what you copied). Option 1 is to copy the new right over all the old stuff. Option 2 is to add a copy of the new above or below the old stuff. In either option, use the Preview button to see how it looks before you save it.

How do I add pictures

This site only has 25 megs of storage, so we don't want anyone to upload a big picture or sound file. Chris or Greg are the only people who can upload a picture. So email Chris (the ListServ has his email) a copy of of your picture and he will load it and tell you what he did on your "my talk" page.

Help:Pictures has some info as to what to do next. In the toolbox, Special pages has a couple of useful links. Gallery of new files shows recent images, File list show links to files that have been uploaded.

Of course you can always ask for help. Chris or someone else will be happy to put your picture where you want it.

You can use a picture or file more than once (site or page). See Common pictures or the file list.

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