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The 2015 Nigerian Election:
A CATALYST FOR CHANGE Image:Slide 1 Picture 1.png Image:Slide 1 Picture2.png Image:Slide 1 Picture3.png

Flash back to 1983 – An Election Year
Image:Slide 2 Picture1.png Image:Slide 2 Picture2.png Image:Slide 2 Picture3.png

Image:Slide 3 Picture1.png Posted to Kano for mandatory post-graduate Youth Service.
Image:Slide 3 Picture2.pngElection fears got in the way of service.
Image:Slide 3 Picture3.pngSteve’s younger brother Johnny brutally murdered by political assassins.

Fast Forward to 2015 – Pre-election concerns
Image:Slide 4 Picture1.png Image:Slide 4 Picture2.png Image:Slide 4 Picture3.png

Country in need of a good leaderImage:Slide 5 Picture1.png
Potential for violence & massive human casualtiesImage:Slide 5 Picture2.png
Boko Haram Insurgency in post election Nigeria Image:Slide 5 Picture3.png
Spillover effects anticipated in refugee & economic situationsImage:Slide 5 Picture4.png
Hemorrhaging of the entity called NigeriaImage:Slide 5 Picture5.png

How Nigerians Responded
Mass exodus of those who could afford to travel outside Nigeria.Image:Slide 6 Picture1.png
Southerners who resided in the North fearing violence led a mass exodus.Image:Slide 6 Picture2.png
Nigerians in Diaspora were biting their nails and hoping for the best.Image:Slide 6 Picture3.png
The rest of the world was so sure Nigeria was on the brink.Image:Slide 6 Picture4.png
Post election surprises
Loss of election by an incumbent/first transfer of power to an opposition party
PDP= 13
APC= 22
President Jonathan proceeded to concede defeatImage:Slide 7 Picture1.png
Incidence of violence was minimalImage:Slide 7 Picture2.png
Doomsday largely predicted for Nigeria was averted

Current Political Climate
Massive Defections from PDP to APC across the countryImage:Slide 8 Picture1.png
Implosion of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)Image:Slide 8 Picture2.png
High expectations of the Buhari GovernmentImage:Slide 8 Picture3.png
Uncertainty about the fate of corrupt officers who are leaving officeImage:Slide 8 Picture4.png

Anticipated Priorities of the Buhari Government
Buhari previously ran for president in 2003, 2007 and 2011.
Image:Slide 9 Picture1.png
Diversification of the Nigerian economy
Improving the economic welfare of the average Nigerian
Addressing the Boko Haram Insurgency
Fighting Corruption
Youth Unemployment
Addressing the problem of electricity generation

Diversification of the Nigerian Economy
Investing in Agriculture & Mining sectorsImage:Slide 10 Picture1.png
Outsourcing as a possible optionImage:Slide 10 Picture2.png
Nollywood as a revenue driverImage:Slide 10 Picture3.png

Improving the Economic Welfare of the Average Nigerian
Rich country, poor people
Erosion of the Nigerian middle class
Nigeria is ranked 22nd out of 46 Sub Saharan African countries

Addressing the Boko Haram Insurgency
Image:Slide 12 Picture1.pngImmediate overhaul of Nigerian Military
Image:Slide 12 Picture2.pngProper training of military personnel
Image:Slide 12 Picture3.pngImprovement of ground intelligence
Image:Slide 12 Picture4.pngRebuilding in the North East

Fighting Corruption
Corruption as a developmental nuisance
Image:Slide 13 Picture1.pngCorruption as a conduit of waste of Nigeria’s resources
Image:Slide 13 Picture2.pngOverhauling the EFCC

Youth Unemployment
Youth unemployment statistics
Image:Slide 14 Picture1.pngAccording to International Labor Organization (ILO), youth unemployment globally stands at 73 million
Link between youth unemployment and global terrorism
Image:Slide 14 Picture2.pngAccording to McKensie and Co., youth unemployment in Nigeria is as high as 50%.
Image:Slide 14 Picture3.pngSuggestions for youth engagement

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