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Fragile? Conflicted? Explosive?: Recent History and Nigeria’s Post-Election Future

Image:Oil Fire.png
Michael Watts
Peace Corps Conference
Berkeley June 4th 2015

Image:Buhari Poster.png

Image:Jonathan Rally.png

A New Dispensation-The end of the PDP?
Image:Electoral Map.png

Twin Insurgencies since the Return to Civilian Rule in 1999 Image:Insurgency Map.png

Nigeria: Too Big to Fail

Image:TBTF.png Image:Atlantic TBTF.png

The Biafran War 1967-1970
Image:Shell Carrier.pngImage:Starvation.png

Image:Nigerian States.png

A Regionalised Multi-Ethnic Federation


The Shifting Religious Landscape




Image:Word Frequency.png

Nigeria as a Petro-State in The Gulf of Guinea Image:PetroState.png

Image:Delta.jpg Image:Port.jpg

Image:OnShore.jpg Image:OffShore.jpg

The Oilfields of the Niger Delta

Image:OilFields.jpg Image:DeltaLandscapes.jpg

Image:Green Delta.jpg

Image:Black Delta.jpg

Image:Dirty Flip-flops.jpg

Image:Cleaning Oil Spill.jpg

Nigeria is referred to as a “gas province with some oil”
Non-associated gas

Tremendous gas production, but not sufficient demand to absorb it all
West Africa Gas Pipeline, GTL
Proposed projects: power gen, fertilizer, direct gas sales

Growth in proved gas reserves in last five years due to LNG development
6 major LNG projects proposed and/or under development  would provide an additional 75 mmtpa by 2012
Not all will proceed, or be completed by projected dates  EPC constraints, gas policy, Niger Delta violence

Image:Gas Graph.jpg

An Overview of the Oil and Gas Sector
9th largest oil producer; 9th largest reserves; 7th largest gas reserves
oil output 2.6 bbl/d (2.4 crude)
Estimated oil reserves 35.9 billion: gas 185Tcf (perhaps 660)
14 export terminals (5 onshore, 9 FPSOs)
4 refineries (two managed by Chevron)
5284 wells, 7000 kms pipelines, 275 flow stations
Ten gas plants; 43% gas flared (2008 elimination date)
Major LNG (Bonny, Brass, Escravos, Olokola); 5 train Bonny
LNG 17 million tons /a; first US exports 2006. Govt. est. 50% oil revenues LNG by 2010.
Estimated direct labor employment: less than 100,000

The NOC and IOC Operators

Shell (SPDC)
ENI (Agip)

Nigerian production can be considered a “core asset” in each IOCs’ global portfolio
Production is evenly spread between onshore, shallow and deep-water, as well as LNG production
However, onshore and shallow-water operations are vulnerable to a variety of risks, impacting project cash flows

Image:Operators Production.jpg
Image:Pct of Global Portfolio.jpg

A Petro (Oil Dependent) State

Image:Oil & the Nigerian Economy.jpg

The Rise of an Oil State
Image:Rise of Oil State.jpg

Image:Shares of Proceeds.jpg

The Bottom Billion and Development Traps

Image:Traps.jpg Image:Bottom Billion.jpg

World Bank Report 2011: Conflict & Development

Image:World Bank Text.jpg Image:World Bank Cover.jpg

Nigeria’s Political Trajectory

Image:Political Trajectory.jpg

Image:Nigerian Trajectory.jpg

Oil and Failed Secular National Development

Image:Literacy.jpg Image:Poverty.jpg

A Resource Curse?
According to the IMF, oil “did not seem to add to the standard of living” and “could have contributed to a decline in the standard of living“ (Martin and Subramanian 2003:4).

Oil revenues since 1960 amount to close to $1 trillion

An Emerging Market or a Demographic Nightmare?

Image:Nigeria's Growth.jpg

A Fragile and Conflicted State

Image:Conflicts & Fatalities.jpg

MEND and Boko Haram: 2005-2012
Image:MEND and Boko Haram.jpg

Boko Haram: Abuja, UN Compound, August 26th 2011

Image:Abuja BH Bomb.jpg Image:Abuja BH Bomb 2.jpg

Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta
(MEND: Abuja, Independence Day, October 1st, 2010

Image:MEND Abuja Bomb.jpg

Islam Insurgent: the Kidnapped girls from Chibok, Northeastern Nigeria

Image:Chibok BBOG.jpg

An Insurgency in the Niger Delta Creeks

Image:Niger Delta Creeks.jpg

The Geographies of Insurgency

Image:Ethnic Map.jpg

The Delta and Swamp Forests of the Niger Delta and its Paramount Chiefs

Image:Swamp Forest.jpgImage:Paramount Chiefs.jpg

The northern Savannas and the relics of the Sokoto Caliphate

Image:Northern Savanas.jpgImage:Sutan of Sokoto.jpg

Crises of Youth and Crises of Authority

Image:Trust Nobody.jpg

People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad

Image:Boko Haram.jpgImage:BH Fighter.jpg

The Institutional and Discursive Shifts within Northern Nigeria’s Muslim Community (umma)


The attack on the UN Compound, Abuja 2011

Image:Abuja Fire.jpg

Boko Haram’s coordinated Attacks, Kano 2012
Image:Kano Attacks Map.jpg

Image:Insurgent North.jpg

Image:Baga.jpg Image:Razed Structures.jpg


Image:Woman victim.jpg

Image:Civilian Deaths.jpg Image:Spiraling Violence.jpg

Image:BH Fatalities.jpg

Image:Impact of BH Violence.jpg

Image:BH Nigeria's Islamist nightmare.jpg

Boko Haram and the landscape of Reform (Tajdid)
Maitatsine 1980-1985 Image:Maitatsine.jpg
Boko Haram (mid 1990s (?)-2012)
Yobe (Nigerian) Taliban
Followers of the Prophet
People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad
Sufi Brotherhoods versus Yan Izala Image:Yan Izala.jpg
Islamist splintering
Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Movement for Islamic Revival
Yan Izala A and B
Muslim Student’s Society
Yan Hisbah versus Yan Boko Image:Yan Boko.jpg

Image:Anatomy of African Terrorism.jpg

Image:BH and the Islamist International.jpg

Image:Weapons Routes.jpg

Agrarian Recession and Industrial Decline in Northern Nigeria 1960-2005

Image:Agriculture Decline.jpg Image:Major Crops.jpg

Insecurity Conferred by Security Forces


Image:Trash Pickers.jpg

Image:Smoke by RR tracks.jpg

Image:Shahriah Court.jpg


Image:Emir of Kano's Court.jpg

Insurgency in the Niger Delta 1998-2009

Image:MEND Forces.jpg

The Delta Oil Infrastructure across Nine States

Image:Oil History.jpg

The Social Field of Violence
Image:Cost of Oil in Delta.jpg

MEND: 2006-2009 (?)
Image:MEND Fighter.jpg
January 11, 2008.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) confirms that its Freelance Freedom Fighters (FFF) working inside the oil industry detonated a remote explosive device that caused the fire on a tanker in Port Harcourt, Rivers state of Nigeria today, January 11, 2008. How can the government of Nigeria fight an enemy that is within and can not be seen? MEND salutes the patriotic agents and also use this opportunity to commend our friends inside the military and secret service for valuable information and resources. We call on all oppressed citizens of the Niger Delta to do your own bit in your own way to regain freedom and win the fight against injustice. Even if it means to poison the drinks and food sold to the soldiers that rape our women and brutalize and kill our youths, just do it. Again, we are appealing to residents inside the Niger Delta to avoid milling close to military vehicles and check points as we want to avoid the loss of civilian lives. The military seems to be deliberately using civilians as human shields.

Long live the Niger Delta!

Jomo Gbomo

Image:Armed MEND Boat.jpg

Nigeria's shadowy oil rebels

Image:MEND Armed Camp.jpg
Image:2 MEND Boats.jpg Image:MEND Riflemen.jpg

A Panoply of Militias: MEND, NDPVF, NDV…….

Image:Niger Delta Creeks.jpg

Image:Red Rebels.jpg Image:AK47 Rebels.jpg Image:Hostage in Boat.jpg Image:Rebels in Boat.jpg

Image:MEND Forces.jpg

The Cast of Characters

Image:Rebel Leaders.jpg
Tom Polo (MEND)
Assri Dokubo (NDPVF)
Ateke Tom (NDV)
Boyloaf (MEND)
Farah Dagogo (NDSF)
Henry Okah (MEND)
John Togo (NDLF) Image:Another Leader.jpg

Niger Delta Attacks: October 2008

Image:Delta Attacks.jpg

The Bonga Field Attack: June 2007

Image:Bonga Field Attack.jpg

Image:Pipeline Breaks.jpg

Image:Kidnappings.jpg Image:Abductions.jpg Image:Security Incidents.jpg

Image:Heating Oil.jpg

Oil ‘Bunkering’ (Theft)

Image:Crude Theft.jpg

Image:Native Refinery.jpg

Image:Processing Stolen Crude.jpg

Image:Value of Stolen Daily Crude.jpg

Image:Crude Production 83-09.jpg
MEND and Boko Haram Compared: The Politics of Precarious Classes

Image:MEND vs Boko Haram.jpg

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