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Tony and Mary Ann Palmieri's Photos

Image:CIMG24951.JPGOwen Hartford with a big STAR!

Image:CIMG24961.JPGNorris Nordvold + Tony Palmieri

Image:CIMG24981.JPGTed Holm

Image:CIMG24991.JPGDan Haines in Yoruba garb

Image:CIMG25001.JPGMurray Frank, toasting

Image:CIMG25011.JPGGreg Jones


Image:CIMG25061.JPGBrynne Levinson Haines

Image:CIMG25071.JPGBarbara Tansey Bush

Image:CIMG25111.JPGNeca Mutawakil serving dinner

Image:CIMG25131.JPG??, Andy Philpot, & ??

Image:CIMG25182.JPGMary Jo Moore

Image:CIMG25191.JPGHarvey + Mary Flad



Image:CIMG25321.JPGCarol Bowers Menkiti

Image:Lucinda,_Mary-Ann_and_Dave2.JPGLucinda, Mary-Ann, & Dave

Phyllis Noble's Group 17 Picture

Image:Kevin,_Phyllis,_Joe.jpg Kevin Burke, Phyllis Noble, Joe Doucet

Peggy (Gekas) Hackman's Pictures of the Group 22 Reunion at The Dugout Cafe

Neal Jacobs talking with Tom Sharp. Note the high class venue: The uneven steps to the restroom, the cracking cement, the subtly painted radiator. Pure Dugout Cafe.Image:Neal_+_Tom.jpg

Tad McArdle making a cell phone call. Eleanor Epner talking with someone else. Peggy really should try to get the attention of her subjects.Image:Eleanor_+_Tad.jpg

Barbara + Greg Jones, actually paying attention to the picture-taker. Image:Barb_+_Greg.jpg

Lucinda Boyd's Pictures

Image:Roslind_Malloy_Barb_Jones_Jody_Keller_Boston_2009-1.jpg Rosalind Malloy, Barbara Jones, & Jody Keller eating the Nigerian meal, with a few Stars

Image:FON_in_supper_line_Howard_Soroos_Murray_Frank_Greg_Jones.jpg Howard Soroos, Murray Frank, & Greg Jones in line for food, in garb.

Barbara Jones's Photos

Peggy [Gekas] Hackman, Tad McArdle, Greg Jones eating Lobster.Image:IMG_2446.jpg

Image:IMG 2447.jpg Greg Jones advocating for The Fantsuam Foundation

Image:IMG 2449.jpg Neca Mutawakil serving dinner.

Neca Mutawakil + Carol (Bowers) Menkiti setting out the Nigerian meal. Image:IMG 2450.jpg

Rosalind Malloy + Greg Jones recollecting the FON trip to Nigeria over a Star. Image:IMG 2451.jpg

Godwin Echebiri (DJ), a Mutawakil daughter, and Neca Mutawakil getting organized for the Nigerian folkdance. Image:IMG 2452.jpg

Image:IMG 2457.jpgTraditional dancing. Barbara (Tansey) Bush on left.

Image:IMG 2458.jpgGiving tribute to traditional dancers.

Image:IMG 2459.jpgTraditional dancers in full swing.

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