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African Community Health initiative


ACHI – A great start towards a bright future

ACHI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2006.
All members and participants are volunteers.
Volunteers and Registered Nurses work with local community centers to provide services.
Over the past years, efforts have been expanded in Nigeria and to Namibia.
Image:Volunteer Doctor.jpg

A brief history

ACHI started with 1 village in 2005. In 2010, we were able to reach 12 villages.
Initially, ACHI only evaluated women; now everyone, regardless of gender or age, is seen.
In 2005, 150 people were seen; In 2010 ACHI saw 3,400 people.

Our Staff

Our staff is entirely made up of volunteers:
Health Educator
Image:Volunteer Staff.jpg Image:Staff with Paperwork.jpg

Services ACHI Provides

Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure
Image:Blood Sugar Testing.jpg

Physician Assessment
Image:Physican Assessment.jpg Image:Eye Exam.jpg

Health Education
Image:Health Education.jpg

Deworming Meds & Vitamins for the Children
Image:deworming.jpg Image:Kids in Lines.jpg Image:Kids taking Vitamins.jpg

Image:Medication.jpg Image:Organizing Meds.jpg

Other Services…
Mobile Lab
Infectious Disease Consultant
Free maintenance program for Hypertensive and Diabetic patients.




Each year ACHI receives monetary donations as well as donated medical supplies.
Our sponsors:
Friends of Nigeria
Hope for the City (Matters)
Allina Health
Catholic Medical Mission Board
Individual Sponsors
Image:Staff with FON T-shirts.jpg

How we use our donations

Medication Image:Medication.jpg
Laboratory Supplies
Tooth Brushes/Paste
Maintenance Program
Staff Stipends

ACHI’s Future

Resource Center Image:Resource Center.jpg
Storage of medical supplies
Outreach Program Site
Procurement of medical supplies
Health Education Classes
Follow-up/Maintenance program
Image:Site for Latrine.jpg

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