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There are many ways to help participate in the WikiFON. Here are a few roles models to get you thinking.


Clean Up Crew

The Clean Up Crew helps by picking up litter. For example: making pages look consistent, fixing spelling and grammatical errors, updating broken links, double redirects. adding internal links to relevant pages and rolling back inadvertent edits. Many of this crew "watch" specific pages and view their personalized "my watchlist" to see which pages have changed recently.

Promotion Gang

The Promotion Gang helps promote the WikiFON with links to specific pages in emails. They may also announce new pages to ListServe, encourage others to contribute to the documentation. Some may assist others by scanning documents, pictures and placing them in the WikiFON.

Page Advocates

Some members like to adopt a specific page (or pages) that they regularly monitor, improve, and advocate for. Usually these are group pages but can also include those topics related to their own expertise or interests. Page Advocates are often members of the Promotional Crew because they link to their pages when related discussions come up. They may request comments from the community on the topic via the page comment tab or a ListServe email. Then compile and synthesize the comments into "their" page. They also have flagged a page with the watch tab and check their "my watchlist" on a regular basis.

Documentation Group

The documentation group is a way of recognizing people who contribute time and energy to WikiFON documentation. Generally speaking, these people are respectful of others work and help anyone who asks.


WikiFON is the primary administrator for the WikiFON. Most requests to delete, move or protect a page should be noted in the page talk and in the summary before saving the page. The WikiFON administrator can take care of those things.

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