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Greetings !

If you need help and are confuzzled about how to do things, try the help link over there on the left under navigation. You will see that left menu on every page. From the Help link you will see our handy help menu, which we also put on this page on the right.

FONs with more experience can start with the General site map which has links to pages where they might add stuff (you decide what "stuff" means).

If you want some rules

This is a collaboration. We are all friends here, some of us are a little more sensitive than others (big grin).

  • Remember to be kind to each other.
  • Remember that people really mean well, despite the way they might put it.
  • Click the save or preview button , it is not a nice feeling to lose your work when your internet connection disconnects.
  • When in doubt, keep it simple, and save your work before trying something special. There is a roll back function in "history", or you can ask for help.

More information

Worried about breaking a page? Anything done in the Sandbox is OK. Once in a while somebody will go back and erase it, or you can. You can not do wrong in the Sandbox page, honest.

Feedback about the process page link here. Questions are always a great way to suggest how things can improve. So put your questions there and tell us when things don't work as you expected them to. Somebody will probably create a to do list and tidy up the page and maybe even create new page with links off of it.

Almost every page has a discussion tab. That is generally for making comments about that specific page. For example, I might put a comment that this page's links to other pages should be put in bold for the new users. It is nice to sign a comment by pressing the "Your signature and timestamp" button. There is more information about this in Help.

Prior to saving a page, please put in something in the summary box. "Added story", "reformatted", "corrected spelling". This summary will appear next to the page name (See "Recent changes" link on the left under navigation as an example).

And you can always leave a public comment on a users page. A wiki custom is to leave a comment on the user's discussion tab/page. For example, you might see rcollman listed in the recent changes. By clicking on rcollman, you will go to chris's user page and see his discussion tab. Some may want to send an email or use the listserv. That is OK as well.

If this page is confusing or you have ideas about how to make it better, just do it (edit) or add a comment with the discussion tab at the top.

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