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I was in group 23 bound for Nigeria. I spent one year in Nnewi, Nigeria about 16 miles South of Onitsha. It was a hectic year for me and I never made a lot of contact with other members of our group. My memory has failed as I have already upset one member, Lance Brown, for being unable to vividly remember him even though we exchanged letters after returning home. Anyway, HOWDY from Sonny to the 23 group during the reunion. If anybody wants to make contact my email address is

When we were forced to leave Nigeria I ended up in Lindi, Tanzania for the remaining time of my Peace Corps commitment. I have had several students from Tanzania contact me over the years.

After my Peace Corps stint I went back home to Toledo, Oregon and worked at the local pulp and paper mill for about a year and then decided to leave the states as my time in Nigeria changed my whole outlook on life and the American way wasn't for me. I decided to go to Australia and have been here since 1970. I taught for 20 years and then had a nervous breakdown and left the service. I am now retired having a ball dealing with prostate cancer and severe arthropathy of my major joints - looking down the track for a new shoulder joint.

I've been married twice. Lost my first wife who gave birth to my two great kids, Shaun and Kirstin. That wife died of cancer at the age of 40. Now married to a nice lady, Louise, who works at Wodonga TAFE, much like a trades school.

My best to all of the group 23 who manage to make the reunion. It's totally impossible for me to get there. I may be able to scrounge up some photos which I will send to Peter Hansen.

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