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Nigeria political boundaries have not remained constant since independence. These were the regions when the Peace Corps started in Nigeria.


Northern Region


The well at Daura, the start of the Hausa empire


Sallah The two main holidays in Hausa areas of the Northern Region are Id-el-Fitr and Id-el-Kabir. Id-el-Fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting. The two are known informally as "Sallah".

Katsina had a particularly elaborate Sallah and was often attended by expatriates from other cities and at least once in the late 60's, by John McConnell, the US Ambassador from Lagos, and members of his staff.

More Photos From The Katsina Sallah

More photos from Katsina Sallah

Around Katsina

Around Katsina 1966-68 Katsina lies less than 30 miles from the border with Niger Republic. Traditionally, trade and cultural ties were to the north, even reaching across the Sahara. A sign outside the town gave mileage to Gao, Timbuktu, Algiers and more. Trips to some of these would have taken weeks in 1966, as routes in the Sahara were, in some places, just tracks marked with the occasional empty oil drum.

Explaining Teaching in Nigeria to Folks Back Home in Boston

Explaining Teaching in Nigeria to Folks Back Home in Boston. When Mary-Ann DeVita Palmieir went to Kano, Nigeria, in 1962, her father saved all her letters. She was twenty-four years old and ready for an adventure. She says that her stay in Nigeria was certainly that. This story consists of excerpts from her letters that span a period of a year and a half. All of the letters start “Dear Mom and Dad” and usually include an apology for being so late in writing.

Western Region

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Category:Western Region

Ibadan Sketches

Ibadan Sketches by Alan Weiss A piece addressed to Ed Gruberg and published in Voyeur in 1968.

About Ibadan Sketches - Commentary by Ed Gruberg

Mid-Western Region

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Eastern Region

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Annang Province

Appreciating Extended Family and Kindnesses of Nigeria

Appreciating Extended Family and Kindnesses of Nigeria

In 1962, at age twenty-four, Tony Palmieri left his engineering job to train for a Peace Corps assignment to teach math and physics at the secondary level in Nigeria. Following an intensive three months of teacher training at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City with a group of about thirty young men and women, he was sent off to Africa—a place he had absolutely no concept of outside of stereotypical images of lions, elephants, jungles, black people with spears, and so on. Peace Corps volunteers were supposed to be emissaries of John F. Kennedy’s vision of a young generation sent abroad as goodwill ambassadors working directly with Nigerians. In many ways, however, the tables were turned, and the Nigerians were the ones who sold Tony on their country and their people.

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