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Nigeria political boundaries have not remained constant since independence.



  • Lagos

Northern Region

The well at Daura, the start of the Hausa empire


Sallah A collection of pictures and descriptions


Around Katsina 1966-68 Katsina lies less than 30 miles from the border with Niger Republic. Traditionally, trade and cultural ties were to the north, even reaching across the Sahara. A sign outside the town gave mileage to Agades, Ougadougou, Timbuktu, Tamanrasset, Algiers, and more. Trips to some of these would have taken weeks in 1966, as routes in the Sahara were, in some places, just tracks marked with the occasional empty oil drum.

Western Region

Ibadan Sketches

Ibadan Sketches by Alan Weiss A piece addressed to Ed Gruberg and published in Voyeur in 1968.

Mid-Western Region

Eastern Region

Annang Province

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