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Owen Hartford

Here's a very brief summary of things I've been doing. Most of my life after the Peace Corps has been involved with education in one form or another. David Rosen and I ended up in the same Teacher Corps program in 1969, teaching inner-city kids and developing an African studies curriculum while getting a Masters in Education. I've been mostly involved with producing educational materials -- printed and audiovisual -- ever since. I didn't get married until I was 45 and began working with my wife in a graphic design/desktop publishing business she had. We have one son, who is 16, and I'm very far from being a grandfather.

David Rosen and I started a folk band in the mid 70's -- that's still going, though I only play with them now once a year at reunion concerts. Here's the website of the band (the alumni page):http://www.hornpipe.org/alumni/. The band is where I met my wife, Betsey, who is also on the page.

David and I also are doing some work with educational video. Here's a link to that: http://www.mlots.org/

I've kept up my interest in photography and have a website with some samples. There's a whole section on Liberia (where I went after Nigeria): http://www.bluehillsmedia.com/photowebsite/index.html

I also play the mandolin in a mandolin orchestra (mostly classical music) and write pieces for them. Here's a fairly recent piece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAT1ycLCWTI&feature=channel_page

Here's another one, a selection from a children's opera my wife and I wrote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn0INpodKZw&feature=channel

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