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Ken Johnson
James Bartley
David Grove

This wiki (called WikiFON) is being developed by Return Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) that are members of Friends of Nigeria (FON). FON members also include staff, Canadian (CUSO) and British (VSO) volunteers. It has pictures in 1,108 pages and of those 235 are story and information pages.

This site is fully viewable by the public, however contributors must request a userid and password from the site administrator (see below or click here for instructions). Contributors are asked to remember the The Post Card when they post. All content appearing on this site may not be used without permission of Friends of Nigeria (FON) and the author.

The members of Friends of Nigeria (FON) hope you enjoy this site.

Link to the FON Boston_Meeting Aug 09 reunion page.


Quick Table of Contents

Words in blue are links to other pages, words in red are pages that need content. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, then on the left on any page, put words in the Search wikiFON box and press "Go".

  • Groups - an index of all groups (e.g., Nigeria VII) related material, with links to each group's history, training directory, anecdotes, biographies, photos and more.
  • Stories - an alphabetical list of all anecdotes in this WikiFON.
  • Biographies - all articles that relate to individual PCVs or staff.
  • Photos - A list of all pages that contain group and place photos
  • General site map - has the most links to other WikiFON pages with descriptions of the pages


Help add content here

Contributing to WikiFONYou can participate. We encourage people to add content to this wiki. For example, add an anecdote, expand upon an article, load that classic picture or correct mistakes. To do so you will need a username and password.

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